Sunday, May 5, 2013

Use Xgraph with NS2

XGRAPH is a general purpose x-y data plotter with interactive buttons for panning, zooming, printing, and selecting display options. It will plot data from any number of files on the same graph and can handle unlimited data-set sizes and any number of data files.

How to Install:
This example goes with two previous posts:
1. NS2 UDP Example
2. NS2 TCP Example

You will need both source code to plot ns2 simulations in this example.

Additionally we have to use these perl scripts to extract data from output trace generated from NS2.

I have written a shell script to do our job quickly.

Sample out put:

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

NS2 UDP Example

Previously I wrote a blog post about TCP example using NS2. In this post I am posting source code for UDP Example with NS2.

Source code:
Please follow the instruction mentioned in previous post to get output.

Sample screen of output:

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NS2 TCP Example

NS2 is a free but a powerful simulator. It is capable to simulate most of complex scenarios in wired and wireless networks.

How to install:
Get your teminal and type this
Then you'll need NAM

Source code:
How to run:
You may need to create outtcp.nam file in source code directory.

Sample screen of out put.

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